Lifetime Storybook DVD Photo Montage


 We can produce a Lifetime Storybook Photo Montage for your event!

It's a series of photos from of your childhood growing up go adulthood with family and friends,

or any combination of photos presented in a lifetime stortbook fashion on video.





 You provide us with your digital photos numbered in the order you want them presented and we do the rest by creatively inserting transitions and Hollywood style digital FX with panning and zooming of photos then sync the entire presentation to music on and present it to you on a special keepsake DVD.



Photo Montage Prices 

75 photos (about 8-10 min video)  $150 

100 photos (about 12-15 min video)  $200

150 photos (about 18-20 min video)  $250 


DVD Photo Montage Production up to 75 photos

(Included in Platinum Wedding Package)




Big Screen Video Presentation Package 

Add our video presentation package to your event it includes set up and operation

of digital video projector, DVD player, digital sound and an 80"x80" video screen with 7ft of viewing area for all your guests to enjoy.


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